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Margret-chef1Hola, I’m Margret!

In late fall 2009, when I first arrived to Mexico for a so-called “3 month hiatus” (It’s 2017 – I’m still here!), UNESCO had just made the announcement that the gastronomy of Mexico – specifically of Michoacan – would be inscribed to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The timing couldn’t have been better. I had opportunities to learn about the cuisine from some knowledgeable teachers, and my natural curiosity was constantly stimulated! As I travelled to different parts of the country, I was awakened to what “Mexican food” really is. The variety, and variability from region to region revealed such complexity, such history, and a depth of culture I had never known before.

From 2009-2016, I was based in San Miguel de Allende, a beautiful colonial town in the central high desert, about 3 hours north of Mexico City. It’s a popular destination for Americans and Canadians, both visitors and expats.

I’m a people watcher…curious about behaviour, habits, decision-making processes.  As a chef, I frequent markets, and I loved to observe how English-speaking foreigners would interact with local vendors.

Often, I would poke my nose in and give advice:

How to choose a ripe mamey (because it is the best fruit ever!)…

What huauzontles taste like and how (and why) to prepare them…

Which of the prepared guisados on offer by the taco/quesadilla stand were vegetarian…

 Once given a bit of insight, most people were delighted by the chance to try something new. What would they have done without help? Most of the time, the response to this question was…

“We’d probably just have looked “

Thus began  my  “social enterprise”:  I’d create a resource for visitors and expats living in Mexico to have a deeper cultural experience which in turn would benefit those who are the true cultural guardians.

My background in design, my passion for problem-solving, a love of healthy food and my ability to structure a reasonably good sentence were all skills in constant use in the creation of Frutas y Verduras.

Currently, I’m based in Mexico City. More travel is always number one on my agenda!

I’d love to get involved in your food-related project…

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  1. Katie Lyn says:

    Hi Margaret! I came across your website while searching for the name of a bean I got at the tiangis in Veracruz. Anyways, I live in Mexico too and think you have a pretty cool website. I did not see a way to subscribe, but I am on an iPad, so it does not always display pages fully. I hope by commenting it will subscribe me to the blog. Thanks! Katie

    • Margret says:

      Hi Katie – sorry about the tardy comment. Was the bean espelón? Actually, I am not great when it comes to blogging… I do have a facebook page that you can follow, and maybe I will start to get my blogging act together… xFrutas Y Verduras on Facebook

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