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Put More Flowers on Your Plate

Flor de calabaza – florr day ka-la-BA-zah It’s the delicate squash blossom –usually, the male flower that has satisfied its role in the pollination of the female flower and will only wither,…Read More


A lucky find: Zapote Blanco

tsa-POH-tay BLAHN-ko As I wander through the markets, I’m always (well, almost) on the alert for unfamiliar shapes and colors. Most important to pay attention to are the ladies that set up…Read More


Plátano Manzano

PLA-tan-o mahn-ZAHN-o (I have heard/ seen this both as ‘manzana’ and ‘manzano’) Platano manzano is the sweet, creamy ‘apple banana’ . These were harvested in Jalisco Mexico. These chubby, short bananas are a…Read More


La Vista Hoy

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La Vista Hoy

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Pesky Purslane

Pesky Purslane

Verdolagas   bvair-doh-LA-gahz When I lived on a rural property in Ontario, I battled purslane in my perennial garden every summer. There was no end to the determined fleshy stems that put down…Read More