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La Vista Hoy

These aren’t apples, they are tiny Tejocote, a type of hawthorn and essential ingredient in ponche, the hot fruit punch of Christmas. #mexico #exoticfruit #navidad


La Vista Hoy

#cherimoyas in season now. Do you have a favorite use? #exoticfruit


Shucking Frijol ‘Espelón’

In the mercado Lucas Galvez in Mérida, these beans were bundled, piled in stacks and, at some stalls, industrious women sat shucking. This particular bean, I came to understand, is not cooked…Read More


La Vista Hoy

Mayan metates for grinding #corn #tortillas #indigenous #yucatan

huitlacoch-mkt copy

The Darker Side of Corn

hweet-lah-KOH-chay also: cuitlacoche or xuitlacoche When the milpas become ready for harvest… the corn (maiz), the vines of beans that have wound around the corn stalks, the squashes that weave through the…Read More


La Vista Hoy

This morning en route to work #streetfood of the freshest kind #sanmigueldeallende